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Dear Honey Hair clients,


I want to start off with a huge 'THANK YOU' to each and everyone that has been so patient and understanding with me. I appreciate it!


Now that North Dakota is gearing towards a 'new normal,' there have been some restrictions lifted. Check out the latest updates below: 


• I kindly ask you to wear a mask. I also will be wearing one. Also know I have been wearing a mask when I'm running errands outside of my studio. 


• You no longer have to wait outside or in your vehicle before your appointment. You are welcome to the Strabella lobby, but please remember to keep distance yourself from others also waiting. But if you don't feel comfortable waiting in the lobby, you are still more than welcome to wait in your vehicle. Please text me at 3205159920 when you arrive. 


• Please know that I'm still operating under the new vigorous sanitation guidelines set up when I reopened back in May.  


• This one goes with saying. But please do not to come your appointment if you have had symptoms or have been around anyone who has had symptoms within the last 14 days. I am more than happy to reschedule your appointment!


• If you do need to reschedule your appointment, I kindly ask you that you give the courtesy of 24 hours notice. This will give another the chance to fill that spot.


If you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.  

Thank you for helping me keep my studio a sanitary and happy space and for your continued support during these times! It means the world to me!


Please be a kind human!




honey hair studio

Honey Hair Studio

Founded by Sarah Ritter in 2019, Honey Hair Studio is the leading trend setting hair studio in the Fargo - Moorhead Area. Sarah guarantees quality in all of the products and services, and is driven by her long withstanding commitment to her customers’ needs. Stop by today and get the personalized attention you deserve!


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